What is the "Cash Price" shown in myDrugCosts

myDrugCosts displays a "Cash Price" to give you an actionable, market price for the drug. You can purchase drugs at this price using the online myDrugCosts Discount Card. The card is free and electronically accessible from within myDrugCosts.  

To access the card and see prices at specific pharmacies, go to a drug and click on the "Cash Price". You will go through three steps:

  1. Pick a Strength
  2. Pick a Pharmacy
  3. Show this free discount card to your pharmacist.

In most cases your current healthcare plan will offer better prices since the Discount Card price doesn't include your plan specific discounts nor does it include cost sharing with your employer.

A cash price is useful for situations where a drug is not covered by the plan, where the plan copay is greater than the cash price or when you don't want the drug to be purchased by your employer.

Note that cash purchases will not count towards your deductible.


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