Can I use myDrugCosts during my employer’s open enrollment to help save money?

Yes, this is an easy way to compare your drug costs across all your employer’s healthcare plans to save
money on future prescription drug spending. Before your employer’s open enrollment, use myDrugCosts
“Planning Tools” section “Compare Costs” tab to compare how much your drugs will costs based on your
employer’s healthcare options. First, build your ‘myDrugList” and then compare your options.

Build your “myDrugList”

  • Click on "Planning Tools" section and under the "myDrugList" tab click the "Select a View or Create a List" dropdown menu
  • Click "+ Create a New List" on the dropdown menu and enter your list name
  • Search for your prescription drugs
  • After the drug search results, click on the "Select List" dropdown menu, pick your lists and click "Add to List"

Compare your options

  • Click the "Planning Tools" section and click the "Compare Costs" tab
  • Click the "Cost for" dropdown menu to select your "myDrugList" and click the "Comparing" dropdown menu and select either "monthly or "Annual" costs
  • Select your employer's healthcare plans to compare prices

Note that at this time, Compare Costs only takes into account Individual Deductible and Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) settings when determining costs.  In the future, we plan to add Family Deductible and Maximum Out Of Pocket settings.



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